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Conceptualized & organized by SLAITO Youth & Alumni ATEHM, Department of Economics of the University of Colombo

The Sri Lanka Tourism Job Fair & Career Expo 2022 will link together job seeking private & public university students, graduates and members of the general public with Travel Agencies, DMCs, Hotels and other employers in the tourism industry for the first time in Sri Lanka

The event will aim to benefit business and individuals by bringing them together to offer long term careers in the tourism industry which is roaring back to life and in need of the next generation of visionaries.


The Event will be held in the following 2 parts -

  • Working in the Tourism Industry, A session for potential candidates –This session will host some of the industries most imminent personalities who will educate candidates on the brilliant careers opportunities in the industry, how to excel in the industry and the expectations of employers. The session will be held before the job fair.

  • Sri Lanka Tourism Job Fair & Career Expo 2022 - will directly link together potential applicants with employers reducing hiring costs for employers and provide candidates a one stop shop to find a job in the industry

Location – Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo 


Date - Saturday, 12th of February 2022


Time – 9:30 AM Onwards


Students & Candidates

Looking to work in the tourism industry that's roaring back to life?

  • The fair will be free of charge for all looking to find jobs in the tourism industry.

  • You will get access to jobs in the countries best Travel Agencies, Hotels & Tourism Stakeholders

  • Meet the recruitment decision-makers of the companies

  • Free educational session with some of the Tourism industry's most eminent personalities

Click bellow to register to Sri Lanka Tourism Job Fair & Career Expo 2022

Businesses & Employers

Giving the opportunity to Hotels, DMCs, Restaurants and other employers in the tourism industry to find their leaders of tomorrow.

  • Have access to students & graduates from top public & private universities ​​​

  • Have access to potential candidates from the general public attracted through an extensive digital & traditional marketing campaign will be carried out to attract

  • Reducee recruitment costs & hassle for employers.

  • Pay a small fee of LKR 7,500 /-- per company for 1 table & access to potential candidates.


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