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The Tip of Sri Lanka and the Northern Beaches

Sun drenched beaches around the top, near the city prove for a quiet escape from the convivial town and the incredibly active coastline around the island. The city of Jaffna yet again brings a different aspect of Sri Lankan culture into the mix. With a majority Tamil population in this area, everything from food to lifestyle and language is different. Some of the best spices in Sri Lanka come from this region and cotton is produced in this town and around Point Pedro. This is mainly because of the rich, fertile soil and the climate.

There are many legends about the stories that follow a path which used to exist from the city of Jaffna to India. Scientists are yet to prove how the path came into existence but it is said that during a low enough tide a few of these sandy areas resurfacing are in your vicinity. When you stand on any of the sun kissed beaches in the Jaffna peninsula you are looking out to the Palk strait. This 40 to 80 mile wide opening connects the bay of Bengal and the Laccadive or Lakshadweep sea.

Shyamala Goli was the second female and one of the only people to attempt the swim from Sri Lanka to India totalling a swim time of 13 hours and 43 minutes to set the record. This area was also affected by the Tsunami almost two decades ago increasing the salt water content in the ground. The beaches along this stretch harbour a star shaped fort that was built in the 17th century when the Portuguese intended to make the area a naval base.

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