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Shark point reef

- One of the few places where inexperienced snorkelers can spot a shark.

Pigeon Island national park is one of the most sought after tourist sites in Sri Lanka. It is located on the east of the island in Trincomalee. Trincomalee is set on a peninsula and is not only popular among tourists but equally as popular among local citizens. The sun kissed beaches, water sports, coral reefs, hotel stays and pristine landscape make this a beautiful holiday for families and ocean enthusiasts.

However if you want to see a non aggressive shark up close be sure to check out the shark point reef during your stay. These black tip reef sharks aren’t an uncommon sight close to the larger island. They can grow five feet long and are a splendid sight among the coral reefs and beautiful marine life. The best part ? you can be an inexperienced snorkeler and still have the chance of having this marvellous experience up close. The colourful coral and the world underwater is always enjoyed by adults and kids alike. You’ll relish in the beauty of the ocean floor and see a plethora of different species of fish protected by the reef.

Housing a natural harbour, the temple of a thousand pillars and an immaculate spot for whale watching, it is a lot of leisure time spent well, spent relaxed yet active with excursions like snorkelling at shark point reef to always keep things interesting.

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