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See 9 of the 19 mountains on the Island from one spot ?

Emerging from the central highlands is what we call the Moon Plains, a place where you have an infinite view of the stars in the sky, a place where you can see the highland wet zone and highland dry zone converge into what looks like a single straight line. It’s fascinating to see how the forces of nature bring two completely different types of foliage to create such a divide. It is said that this divide’s probable cause is the Northeast monsoon and its patterns over the years.

The moon plains is a relatively new attraction although it is technically older than all man built attractions on the island. Locally referred to as Sandathenna, the Moon Plains is a magnificent vista because of the world view you have of the area. 360 degrees of lush forests, mountain peaks and brilliant skies in chilly weather. The trek is exciting, you can even go cycling, a family worthy visit indeed.

Sri Lanka has a few spots classified as “mini world’s end”, this area is one of them. What remains so intriguing is the fact that you can see 9 out of 19 mountain ranges on the island. These 9 hill tops of the central highlands include: the Pidurutalagala Mountain, Kikiliyamana Mountain, Great Western Mountain, Hakgala Mountain, Kirigalpoththa Mountain, Single Tree Hill, Namunukula Mountain, Conical Hill and Thotupola Mountain.

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