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Rice & Curry - Local’s Favourite

An endless amount of variety , flavour bombs with each mouthful Rice and curry is the staple in many Sri Lankan Diets. Communities that spread far and wide can all come together over a good meal and delicious curries. You’ll find the majority of the nation has a propensity to have rice and curry for all three meals. This is only possible because of the plethora of options the locals have built up in their list of curries and sides. From greens, meats, certain fruits like mango to grains, fish and amusing concoctions combined with your preferred type of rice to bring you not just any complete meal but a different one for every meal time.

Some locals are surprised when they come across a fellow Sri Lankan who doesn’t indulge in rice & curry. These are carbohydrate dense meals which is the main nutrient source for the community because of it’s satiating nature, people feel no need to snack in between other than the usual tea or plain tea.

Although locals do love their rice, you’ll never run short of foods to try in Sri Lanka. Locals adore a Sri Lankan twist on any cuisine they come across but also know to enjoy everything in its original form. Their love for spices, flavour and the general aroma that fills the room when cooking will continue to bring exciting dishes to try on your next visit.

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