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One of the only National flags to represent multiple ethnic groups

One of the only flags to represent different races. Unity as a country. The history of the lion. Also one of the most colourful flags of 195 in the world. Every country has adopted a national flag which is interestingly unusual considering cultures around the globe have different ideology and elements like the flag internationally cross borders throughout the world.

The Sri Lankan flag also known as the lion flag was created on the 22nd of May 1972 but it was officially adopted 6 years later. This was over 25 years after Sri Lanka regained independence and for the first time in a span of over 2000 years of monarchy Sri Lanka is now run on constitutions and a government as a democracy. However because of the colonial era it was a natural change for the locals and they were quite happy and welcomed the change to follow their own flag.

The lion of the flag represents the bravery of the people , the four bo leaves represent the four concepts of Buddhism, Mettha (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion), Upeksha (equanimity) and Muditha (happiness). The three colours fly vibrantly to symbolize the sinhala buddhist majority in crimson, the hindu community in orange and the muslim races in green. The yellow is for the country's rich colonial heritage and to stand for other ethnic groups across the country.

Although there has been conflict in the 20th century, many of the Sri Lankans have an acclaimed atmosphere of warm hospitality. The locals are a friendly kind of people who are known to interact when interacted with and still carry the deep honour of being a part of this lineage.

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