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King Pandukabhaya - The battle against family - History of Sri Lanka

In the Mahavamsa ( the longest record of historical events in Sri Lanka ) , his mother was Umaddhanie Chithra and father was Deegha Gamini, both of Aryan origin. Local legend says there was once a prophecy made about a king being born a true heir, who’ll take over the throne in a fight against his relatives who intend to keep the throne for themselves. Chithra and Digha-Gamini had been made aware of the prophecy at the time of their marriage and had promised to put to death any son that she gave birth to.

However, once Pandukabhaya was born, Chithra was unwilling to kill the infant, and so she decided to exchange babies with another woman who had given birth to a baby girl that same day. Chithra announced to her father and husband that she had given birth to a girl, while King Pandukabhaya was raised in a nearby village called Doramadalawa.

Rumours spread around the kingdom about a boy who seemed like royalty and stood out in the village crowd when Pandukabhaya was only a young boy. Once his uncles heard of this news they sent an army to hunt and kill all males who looked his age. In a failed attempt King Pandukabhaya survived solely because he hid during the raid. The palace raid is said to have happened yet again because the villagers started talking when he was a little older.

In response Pandukabhaya’s actual mother, Chithra sent him into hiding where he would only return when he was old enough. And return he did. Fighting 8 of the 10 uncles in a prolonged war, he ascended the throne and took his rightful place as King. He continued to rule for many years after and the Kingdom of Anuradhapura thrived under his reign. These are some of the records of the history of Sri Lanka

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