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Ceylon Blue Magpie

Explore one of the only places you’ll hear the chirping of a rare blue and brown bird that is indigenous to the pearl of the Indian ocean. There are many tours with this natural experience in the lush forests of the tropical island. A rather large, long-tailed white-tip blue bird with a chestnut hood and wings; is not known to fly long distances although commonly spotted flying in specific regions.

The walks through the trees bring much of the wildlife alive, you’ll sense the rustles of the leaves and the sounds of other animals. This endemic Sri Lankan species is a noisy type of bird, now has become a classic part of the immensely popular Sinharaja forest so you are almost bound to hear it’s chirp.

A bird watcher’s intriguing sightings indeed. The Ceylon blue magpie’s strong bill of coral red, is used for hunting invertebrates such as caterpillars and frogs but also often snacks on berries and other fruits. Pack up some binoculars and come to this wild arena to go on an adventure. There’s an immense array of endemic wildlife to be explored in the plains, jungles and highlands in the splendid wildlife sanctuaries of Sri Lanka.

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