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April tourist arrivals down 9%

  • Reduces to 4,168 from March numbers

  • 1Q records 97.3% drop YOY

  • India remains main source market followed by China, Kazakhstan

Tourist arrivals fell by 9% in April to 4,168 in comparison to March, largely influenced by the global and local spike in COVID-19 cases. Arrivals during the first four months also fell by 97.3% to 13,797 from a year earlier, according to data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA).

The COVID-19 pandemic raged from March 2020 onwards and latest drop in arrivals reinforce the continuous struggle of the tourism industry. In April, the largest source markets were India (796) followed by China (475), Kazakhstan (440), Germany (383) and the UK (334). India was also the largest source of tourist traffic to Sri Lanka with 19% of the total traffic received in April, while China accounted for 11.4%, Kazakhstan, Germany and the United Kingdom accounted for 10.6%, 9.2% and 8% respectively. Europe became the largest source region with 50.9% of the total traffic received in April, whilst Asia and Pacific accounted for 35.7% and the Americas accounted for 10%. The gradual prominence of Indian market is noteworthy while the presence of countries from the Americas, Western, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific regions among the top source markets reflects the gradual revitalisation of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka. Arrivals in the first four months from Kazakhstan had recorded a growth in comparison to total arrivals in the same period a year earlier. Kazakhstan also led arrivals in the first quarter with 2,746 as a result of the commencement of regular flights by its national carrier.

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