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439 precious species of Wild Life!

Sri Lanka has 439 recorded species of wildlife. 439 species inclusive of different mammals , amphibians , birds, reptiles, insects and marine life. Each baring their own unique story of evolution and brilliant incorporation into the ecosystem that hangs in the balance. We Sri Lankans have a collection of wildlife so dazzling to the eye that we urge you to play a regular role to support these beautiful, endangered and indigionous species.

The scope of traditional medicine and a large portion of natural nutrients come from the wildlife and foliage in the nation that has been a part of Sri Lankan ancestral culture dating back thousands of years. Each animal, their domain and habitat in the world play an important role in the food web and the natural cycles. You’ll notice how rich and nuanced the biodiversity that spreads across the island, into the waters and marine life really is when you observe .

There are over 20 national parks in Sri Lanka which serve as sanctuaries for these animals but if we as humans aren’t conscious and careful about the role we play as an intellectual species these magnificent, intricate creatures have little chance of survival, if any at all. Our Asian elephants , blue magpie , leopards , sperm whales , bees and the other 400+ species need us to use our humanity to stand for them and mitigate the effects we have on the animals and the landscapes.

Be a responsible visitor, don’t litter, make unnecessary noise or feed these animals. It is important that we do not interfere with the natural inclinations and the food chains of these species. The intrusion of territory and loss of habitat must come to a halt. Thereby giving the ecosystem the space to flourish. It is only when we refrain from interfering can wildlife truly remain WILD.

The world is a beautiful place. We have the freedom to explore and we should use it wisely.

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